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Backend Engineer (Go, NodeJS, Networking, Kafka)



Software Engineering
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What you’ll do as a Backend Engineer:

  • Work on building critical trading infrastructure and components for our platform to support trade execution, order matching, risk management, settlements, and data analytics

  • Write low-latency code that will process billions of dollars a day's worth of trading volume reliably

  • Architect performant and reliable communication layers to enable networking between our internal exchange components

  • Work on building and maintaining high-performance APIs(REST + Websockets)

  • Optimise, test, maintain and improve our platform’s codebase and performance

  • Maintain, Document, and add to our platform’s product and API documentation

  • Work on implementing new features for our exchange

  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables with your technical expertise.

  • Mentor and develop other team members on design techniques and coding standards.

  • Work with pen-testing and software security audit firms

Essential Requirements

  • 4+ years of real-world experience with programming in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Go, Python, Redis

  • Familiarity with Linux on desktops and servers

  • Strong understanding of git

  • Experience building and scaling reliable data pipelines using Kafka

  • Experienced using and integrating with cloud services, developing CI/CD pipelines, and using Docker

  • Experience building/upgrading and using SQL-based databases

  • Experience building and deploying high-performance APIs, both REST as well as Websockets

  • Comfortable with owning the system design, architecture, and implementation, leaning on industry best practices

  • Good with maths, statistics, and problem-solving

  • You are a fast learner who can quickly master new technologies.

You will stand out if…

  • You've worked on high-quality products in the finance or security space

  • You have prior trading experience(in Traditional markets or crypto/DeFi), with knowledge of derivative products like futures, options, and perpetuals

  • You have experience with other non-trading DeFi products like swaps, lending, etc.

  • Experience working on trading systems and infrastructure

  • CS Degree or equivalent experience

  • Experience working with UDP

  • Experience developing FIX APIs

Values & How we work?

The entire crypto space doesn't just move fast but is constantly accelerating. It’s hard building a DeFi product — it’s 24/7, 365 days a year, markets do not close, the ground beneath you can shift, assumptions can and do fail & risk of burning out is real.

  • We take our product + brand very seriously.

    • If we see even a small flaw in our product, we always ask ourselves - Why isn't this perfect?

    • All members have perpetual autonomy to fix anything broken that we notice, and we do not wait for someone else to tell us what to do.

  • We take extreme ownership of everything you do

    • If the team fails, everyone fails, so prioritize and execute.

    • We think long-term, set big goals, and communicate with clear directions and goals to achieve them. Everyone must understand not just what they're doing but also why they are doing it.

    • No Egos, lead by example, and mutual accountability.

  • Strive for clear and simple communication - this is easier said than done but communicating the "why" of an issue is equally important as the "what.”

  • All meetings have an agenda, with outcomes clearly defined as tasks and call-to-actions.

  • Prioritize all tasks by - what is more important for our users without compromising on any of the above goals.