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Community Lead (Closed)



Posted on Monday, July 17, 2023

Community Lead (Closed)

Location: Remote Job Type: Part-time Update: August 6, 2022

About us

Our mission is to visualize on-chain identity and create an open and inclusive metaverse land system that is based on universal web3 building blocks, such as ENS domains and wallet activity.
We believe that everyone with an ENS domain or some sort of on-chain activity should be granted virtual land and the ability to build upon it. We propose to generate virtual lands from ENS domains and populate them with objects that represent on-chain activities (e.g. achievements, status, communities).

About the Role

We are looking for a Community Lead to moderate, engage, and grow the communities in the right direction for achieving the goal of PHI. You will be the first point of contact for fans and followers, thus developing an intimate relationship with the community.


Own the process of growing communities across various platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, & more in the future.
Establishing the culture of our community including guidelines and standards.
Writing articles and Twitter threads.
Organizing community events including AMA sessions, Twitter Space, and IRL events.
Create meaningful engagement within the community by coming up with innovative ideas.


General Understanding of the crypto including DeFi & NFTs (fundamentals, culture, alpha).
1-2 years of work experience as a community manager or similar role.
At least 2 years of experience managing social media platforms (Discord, Twitter, and Telegram are essential).
Crisp written and verbal communication skills in English. Other languages are a plus.
You'll have expert knowledge of:
Managing discord community: Maximize the power of the community, keep the momentum, and create a welcoming culture.
Thinking and trying to understand the community deeply from the various perspective(as a developer, creator, artist, and investor)
Writing blog and thread including tutorials, technical articles, and announcements.
Major plus if you have experience with:
Contributing to a DAOs or crypto community
Hosted community events (AMA/Meetups/Workshops/Hackathons) - both online and in-person
Shit posting and meme master
We're also looking for experience with:
Gamer - who have been obsessed with playing “Animal Crossing”, “Habbo”, “Simcity”, “Clash of Clan”, and more…)
Marketing experience - marketing strategy, branding, and promotion.

Get Involved!

It’s just an introduction. There is so much stuff we want to work on. Let’s work together!
If you are interested, email or DM @phi_xyz with your resume(any format), Twitter, GitHub, Personal website(portfolio), LinkedIn, and a short description of why you are interested in the role.