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Pixel Artist (Closed)



Posted on Monday, July 17, 2023

Pixel Artist (Closed)

Location: Remote Job Type: Part-time Status: Closed on August 2nd

About us

Our mission is to visualize on-chain identity and create an open and inclusive metaverse land system that is based on universal web3 building blocks, such as ENS domains and wallet activity.
We believe that everyone with an ENS domain or some sort of on-chain activity should be granted virtual land and the ability to build upon it. We propose to generate virtual lands from ENS domains and populate them with objects that represent on-chain activities (e.g. achievements, status, communities).

About the Role

We are looking for a Pixel Artist to design the pixel world on Phi 🌍. In my team, there are two amazing pixel artists so far, eBoy (Godfather of Pixel, co-founded NounsDAO, and collaborated with top brands, such as Saint Laurent, Paul Smith, Balenciaga, and more) and ta2nb (designed pixel game title of Final Fantasy, and more…). You will work with them to design objects, buildings, monuments, gaming items, and more. Let's create a one-of-a-kind pixel world on the blockchain that will last for centuries to come.


Designing pixel art for objects on Phi.
Creating some pixel design-related materials on social. (Twitter, Discord, and more)
Working with Phi’s community together to create a secondary art to show a good example for the community creators.
Here are object examples.


General understanding of the crypto including DeFi & NFTs (fundamentals, culture, alpha).
More than 1-3 years of pixel design/art experience.
A strong passion for pixel.
You'll have expert knowledge of:
Designing pixel art
Major plus if you have experience with:
Experience in the graphic design of games.(including UI/ UX)
Community Management.
Social Media Management.

To apply for this position

Draw a pixel art with a motif of your favorite web3 protocol according to Tilix, a modular system for isometric pixel blocks created by eBoy.
Here are object examples.
Email or DM @phi_xyz with your resume(any format), Twitter, Portfolio, LinkedIn, and a short description of why you are interested in Phi.
I’ll get back to you in 2~3 days after you contacted me.
Best, All Phi team