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Backend Engineer

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes

Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2024

Make your positive impact on the future of gaming

As the gaming industry undergoes rapid transformation, from the rise of free-to-play to the emergence of play-to-earn games and GameFi, Nyan Heroes stands at the vanguard of this revolution. With a focus on crafting a AAA multiplayer shooter set to launch its alpha in late 2024, we're committed to pushing the envelope.

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Nyan Heroes aims to involve and empower players equitably in all aspects of the game and its economy. Our mission is to set the gold standard for fair, sustainable game development in the GameFi space, leading the industry's advancement technologically, ethically, and inspirationally.

What you’ll be doing

Programming Languages: Proficiency in one or more programming languages commonly used for backend development in the gaming industry, such as C++, C#, Java, or Python, is essential.

Game Engines and Middleware: Familiarity with popular game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine, as well as middleware solutions used for server-side development, can be advantageous in developing efficient and scalable backend systems.

Database Management: A strong understanding of database management and proficiency in SQL or other database query languages is crucial for managing game data and ensuring efficient and secure data storage and retrieval.

Networking Protocols: Knowledge of networking protocols and technologies, such as TCP/IP, UDP, and WebSockets, is essential for creating and maintaining stable and performant online services for games.

Security Best Practices: Familiarity with security best practices and encryption techniques is important for protecting game services and user data from unauthorized access and malicious activities.

Scalability and Performance Optimization: Backend developers must be able to design and implement scalable and performant systems that can handle the demands of large player bases and adapt to the changing needs of a game over time.

Collaboration and Communication: Excellent communication and teamwork skills are essential for collaborating with other members of the game development team, such as designers, artists, and frontend developers, to ensure that backend systems support the game's overall design and functionality.

Problem Solving and Adaptability: Backend developers must be able to think critically and adapt their approach to address the unique challenges and constraints of each game project, often working within tight deadlines and rapidly evolving requirements.

About you

  • 3+ years of experience developing high-scalability online services in various domains, emphasizing handling large user bases.
  • Involved in the full production cycle of at least 2 titles
  • Excellent C++ language skills
  • Proficient with Source Control and Code Review tools (Swarm, Perforce, Git, etc.).
  • Proficient with Project Management Software (JIRA, Confluence, MSADO, etc.).
  • Ability to work autonomously.
  • Familiarity with Kotlin, Java and Go, or willingness to learn these languages.
  • Expertise in Python, Ruby, and C#, or willingness to learn these languages.
  • Skilled in Docker, Kubernetes, and at least one major cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Experience with SQL databases (like Postgres) and Redis, focusing on scalability and efficiency.
  • Experience managing backend systems that handle high volumes of traffic and data, ensuring efficiency and stability under load.
  • Solid understanding of client-server methodologies and technologies.
  • Good knowledge of scalability, security, and code maintainability.
  • Ability to produce secure, reliable, and readable code.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.

Nice to have:

  • Understanding of Unreal Engine for game development
  • Experience with OpenAPI and code generation tools
  • Experience with monitoring stacks: Prometheus, InfluxDB, Loki, Grafana
  • Video Game-specific experience
  • Knowledge of MSAzure and MSAzure Playfab framework

The Studio

We are a well-funded gaming studio seeking talented, motivated team members to help build an industry-defining title on PC from the ground up. We are gamers ourselves and believe in allowing talented people to express their own creative freedom. We are looking for many experienced industry heroes to help build and craft an AAA-rated game with a unique innovative twist on the standard formula.

We currently have more than 30 talented Nyan members across the world with two-thirds of our team coming from AAA-rated gaming studios and titles.

In addition to reshaping the future of gaming, we are committed to creating the top gaming studio culture founded on kindness and our love of cats! Nyan Heroes has already donated $250,000 from its first NFT sale towards our mission of saving 1 billion cats.