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Business Development Associate



Sales & Business Development · Full-time, Part-time
Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Job posting:

  • Company: Chainbound
  • Landing page:
  • Role: Business Development Associate
  • Terms: Flexible, part-time or full-time
  • Competitive compensation package (salary + equity component)

Company Background

Chainbound is a research and development startup building optimized infrastructure and networking tools for public blockchains. The startup is well-capitalized and just closed its pre-seed funding round.

Chainbound focuses on developing and commercializing low-latency peer-to-peer solutions on the Ethereum network. This translates into two main products:

  • Fiber: low latency mempool service which optimizes sending/receiving messages from Ethereum mempool [currently in production -]
  • Data indexer: mempool data indexer which allows clients to analyze transaction propagation across the Ethereum p2p layer [currently in development]

Right now, we are a small team, highly motivated and enthusiastic about making a change in this industry. What motivates us is making great products by staying at the forefront of research in the blockchain industry.

Position Summary

Chainbound is looking for support on the business development side. The team is looking for candidates passionate about blockchain infrastructures who have a solid understanding of the Ethereum network and can sell Fiber and data indexers to clients (hedge funds, MEV searches, foundations, protocols, data providers, etc..)


  • Knowledge of the fundamentals and infrastructure of Ethereum
  • Experience in DeFi and/or blockchain data analytics
  • Minimal coding experience (ability to understand the product and features)
  • Understanding of market participants (leading players per market segment, etc..)
  • Ability and/or experience in selling data and tech tools products
  • Enthusiastic about blockchain technology and its bright future applications :)

If you are interested in this position, please contact

Chainbound is an equal opportunity employer.

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