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AIGC Research Scientist

Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine

Posted on Monday, February 26, 2024

Futureverse is a technological and cultural foundation for the open metaverse where creators, companies and communities conjure their future.

The Futureverse infrastructure enables companies and creators to deliver the open metaverse experience that they want for their audience. A seamless portal in and out of all apps in the metaverse, Futureverse allows users to travel with a passport, friends, communications, finances and content.

Our vision is to enable every human to create the worlds they imagine. We are not building the future. You are.

As part of the Innovation team you will work in developing novel deep learning models towards solving and building the next generation of AI generative models. This team will solve the most challenging problems in AI innovation & aim to be first and top of the world.

Futureverse are creating the world’s first protocol for decentralised and democratised Artificial Intelligence, owned and traded using NFTs, and interoperable across the Metaverse. Our protocol enables anyone to own AI, and the machine learning models that define what it learns over time. These are paired with artwork in the form of NFT's to create non-player agents.

We're creating a world where everyone can own, understand, trust and benefit from their AI. Join us in building the #OpenMetaverse. Help to push the boundaries of future innovation.

Key responsibilities:

  • Research, design, implement, and evaluate SOTA AI generative models.
  • Report and present research findings and developments, including status and results, clearly and efficiently, both internally and externally, verbally and in writing.
  • Work with external collaborators and maintain relationships with relevant labs and partners and key stakeholders as appropriate.