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Senior Marketer



Marketing & Communications
Posted on Monday, April 8, 2024

Senior Marketer


About Aark

Aark is a 1000x perpetual DEX powered by LST/LRT liquidity
Aark is the first-of-its-kind in many dimensions:
Single-sided LP, hyper-variety LP, seamless UX, and countless others. These innovations have enhanced the user trading/LP experience to unprecedented levels and are critical in debuting our long-awaited killer feature — the 1000x leverage. Aark introduces a game-changing feature called 'Intervals' to enable 1000x trading by completely eliminating bad debt. Now with all the infrastructure, community, simulations, and UX prepared to support 1000x trading, Aark is ready to soar and leave its brand marked in history.
Aark is the next liquidity layer for LST/LRT:
Any ERC20 token in DeFi can be added to Aark’s pool, and Aark envisions becoming a Yield Layer for DeFi. As a first step, Aark incorporates LST/LRT assets into Aark’s LP pool. These assets work as liquidity for traders and facilitate high volume trades. This enables LST/LRTs to earn attractive real yields generated from trading fees.
Please refer for more about us: [ link ]

Why join us

As a team comprised of on-chain algorithmic traders who have operated a DeFi Onchain Fund for two years, we understand the pain points of perp DEXs better than anyone else.
We strive to understand the core elements of what an ideal exchange should represent, rather than just addressing existing shortcomings in exchanges.
We pursue innovation. You will embark on a journey of bold choices, uncharted paths, and creating an ecosystem together with the community.
The world eagerly anticipates and supports our journey. We’re backed by the best investors in the crypto market, including OKX Ventures, Hashkey, Delphi Digital, Big Brain Holdings, and many other extraordinary supporters.
Join us in reshaping the perp DEX landscape.


We are looking for a senior marketer to:
Lead the marketing team, providing guidance and mentorship to team members, and efficiently managing team resources and schedules.
Communicate daily with the community through Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, understanding their needs and sharing these insights to enhance strategies and services.
Manage relationships with KOLs to leverage their influence, increasing the brand's visibility.
Design and implement content and events that elevate service awareness and attract more users.
Build partnerships with affiliates and jointly develop and execute targeted marketing strategies for mutual benefit.


Minimum of 6 years of marketing experience, including at least 3 years in Web3, DeFi, or Crypto roles.
Proven success in a Marketing Lead role with tangible results.
Familiarity with crypto, DeFi, and Web3 as transformative opportunities, including regular use of self-custody wallets, dApps, and related technologies.
Prior experience in customer communication roles and a strong understanding of social platforms.
Proficiency in English is required, and knowledge of Chinese would be beneficial.


Demonstrates strong leadership skills in guiding teams and collaborating effectively with colleagues.
Excels as a great communicator, enjoys interacting with diverse people.
Demonstrates a consistent interest in Web3, DeFi, and Crypto, showing sharp insights that align with industry trends.
Possesses a strong ability to handle multiple tasks in an organized and efficient manner.

What you'll love about us:

We foster open and transparent communication within the team.
We have an unlimited paid time off policy.
We have a feedback-driven culture.
We are DeFi natives - our team is built from DeFi system trading that is solely focused on using derivatives, DEXs, and on-chain protocols, and takes great pride in our expertise in the field.
If you've been a longtime friend of the degens, we invite you to join us! To apply, kindly send your resume to